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time to get into the christmas spirit darn it!
i pledge from this day foward to be cheerful...no more bah hum bug.
i'm going to listen to christmas music and try like the dickens to like it!
i'm going to get out the cookie recipes that i reserve for just this time of year.
i refuse to bake them any other time even though they are SO good!
do you have recipes like that?
i'm going to take a deep breath and exhale....
my mantra will be 'i can do this, it will get done'.
i'm going to plan a delish christmas dinner...
spinach souffle will be one the menu...fo sho!
i'm going to shop here.
i'm going to oil up lil' miss sewing machine and get her crafting.
i'm not going to worry about the dog hair.
the laundry.
the dirty floors.
the, the, the....
diving in.

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carissa... brown eyed fox said...

cheers to that my friend!

sure wish we could sip on some Christmas cheer together! :)

BIG hugs to you!!!!!