our first snow fall brought smiles
and the stomach bug...

which was realized after our trip to our favorite clam shack in kittery :(
i was the first lucky recipient!
then zoe
then ruby
we're still waiting to see who's next...
there's still time ;)

luckily this guy arrived from the north pole in time to cheer us up.
his name is jake.
this will be our first year with this fun tradition.
so glad carissa clued me in!
so fun!

and now a little insight to my lack of sanity.
see these little guys up there?
all 6000 of them ended up on the floor.
and since my vacuum decided today would be a GREAT day to get clogged
i had to pick them up by HAND.
obviously these were invented by some hideous genius
who thought it'd be a great idea to make something SO stupid.
they've been 86'd from our house as of now.

1 comment:

gina said...

Those beads are the devil!! I've had to pick them up by the hundreds too - out of long shag carpet!!

Hope the stomach bug passes quickly!!