i'm not going to lie
i'm avoiding it
all of it
like if i just ignore it
it'll go away
but it's creeping up
and quick
i've never felt this out of control
can't breathe
ashamed that i can't keep it together
do it all
have it perfect
want to live in the moment
but frozen


gina said...

Go lock yourself in your closet for 15 minutes - read some scripture and pray. Breathe -

I'm so sorry - you describe what sounds very close to a panic attack - a feeling I know too well. When I can't "think" myself out of it - I have to ask the Lord to help and that does work or helps relieve it a bit. Hope you feel better soon -

Anonymous said...

aw, sweetie...
been there. know what you mean. in fact, i'm just about there right now, but need to get it together cuz i have my work's christmas party to go to tonight. ay-yi-yi. big hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

time to take your remedy lou...seriously.