Yesterday was the first day of school for all THREE of the girlies!
I had TWO whole hours to myself!
What did I do?
Hit Target and took my sweet time.
Bought a life sized ironing board....what a treat ;)
Well, it is.
Considering I've been using a two foot long one for a year...wtf?
Crazy the things you'll go without until you just can't anymore.
I was sure the big girls were going to have a great day.
They were ready to go back and SO excited!
I truly felt like my heart swelled inside me as they set off with smiles on their faces.
Stella on the other hand woke up crying.
'I don't want to go to Bunnies and Blocks' whhhaaaaahhhhhh.
This was going to be HARD.
When we got there she put her brave little face on.
Wouldn't talk to anyone.
Had that pensive look in her eye.
I brought her in,
showed her where the potty was (still new at the potty thing),
brought her over to her mat at the circle,
and she cried....a sad, nervous cry.
'Mama, I have to tell you something' over and over again.
It made my heart break.
I handed her off and walked out without even a look over my shoulder.
I knew that would be it if I did.
About twenty minutes later I get a call from the Head Mistress of the school.
She's the quintessential preschool teacher.
Just perfect.
Her cheerful voice calming me instantly...
She said 'Stella is fine, she's talking, playing, having a great time'.
I don't think I took a breath until after I heard that message.
The picture above was taken by Miss Mary Beth while Stella made a sculpture.
Sure looks happy to me!
She hasn't stopped talking about school and is SO proud of herself.
I'm SO proud of her...we all are.
In other news.
Our computer is done.
We need a new one.
I've got loads of pictures to upload, an ipod to charge, things to print...and can't.
Not to even mention ALL of Craig's work is on that computer.
I hope to God we can retrieve all those documents!!!
My life is revolving around burlap.
I'm in the process of making many, many burlap pillows for L'Andana.
I'm totally allergic.
LOVE burlap.
I've got a million ideas on what to do with burlap, bulap and more burlap.
SO SOON...now that the kids are back in school.
You'll hopefully begin to see my shop spruce up a bit.
I'm really excited.
Girl in tub needs to get out.
Later Taters...


ShoozieShoes said...

She's SO cute. And she looks very happy!

bopbopdesigns said...

Glad it ended up being a fantastic 1st day!