Like it was yesterday...

(Bansky image edited by me)

I will remember.
Stranded with my baby in Colorado, my husband back home in Boston.
Thankful that I had my sisters and Mom with me but so


Unable to grasp what had happened.
Stunned, sick, hopeless, devastated.
All at once it hit me, hard.
Someone out there in the world hated us.
You, me, Americans.

Nothing's been the same since.
Innocence lost..
A Deeper respect for the earth I walk on, the air I breathe.
Two more children to protect, hold tight, to remain hopeful for.
All the more proud to be American...the land of the free.


Bev said...

Hey there. What a lovely tribute. I remember it like it was yesterday, too.

Just stumbled across your blog this evening and thought I'd say hello. I'm a fellow NH blogger, and your music and peaceful vibes drew me in!

Cheers, and happy weekend.

gina said...

I love how you describe that feeling -" innocence" really is gone. Things will never be the way they were before. I miss that. That day, I remember feeling so vulnerable - and terrible for bringing my brand new baby boy (at the time) into such a world as this. It felt so irresponsible - Weird how the feelings sort of fade - yet they are never far from the surface. I wish I could forget that day - but I know I never will. I love your thoughts. God bless you and yours.