Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...what am I going to do with this free lil' spirit? Soccer star...uuuuuhhhh, no.
Dreamer? Yes. She's floating around the field in her own little world. Feeling the breeze on her face. Waving to her friends on the next field. The ball will come near her and she'll be like 'hi ball, bye ball'. But, she loves it! Not sure what she loves about it other than her rainbow colored ball and her pink and black cleats. But she loves it! I give her mad props for just getting out there and doing what it is she does... LOVE that!

Little Miss Stella. Oh the joy that is jam packed in this little 30lb body. She carries a light within her everywhere she goes...smile.

Zoe. My so very sensitive, sweet, kindhearted girl. I feel most protective over this delicate little soul. I feel worried often about where her head is at. Most times she's happy but there are dark, dark moments when I just can't break through. I feel ready to pounce on whoever it is that causes her sadness...even if they're little kids. I want her to see the good that she is and believe in herself the way I believe in her. Her negativity is like a weight and she needs to fly. Sweet Zoe.

Daily Gratitude's:
1. Home tonight with the Family.
2. Food in our Fridge.
3. The beautiful leaves that are already changing to red, orange, yellow.
4. Etsy.
5. My head is in a good place...at this moment ;)


jody said...

such a sweet post.
thanks for sharing your sweet family. those girls are perfectly adorable---and i know they're even more beautiful on the inside. i'm starting to understand about how you describe zoe...we're having some darkness as well.

Anonymous said...

Breaks my heart!

love you,


gina said...

I love that post! 3 beautiful girls and sweetness from their momma. Little Zoe - maybe she's a writer in the making.