two days past eleven...

a two day late 
public announcement:
(hands cupped around my mouth as i shout at the top of my lungs
this gorgeous girl 
who proudly sits above
is now 11years + 2 days old/young!
we had a busy day
out to lunch,
took the girls to get feathers put in their hair
what a racket that is
took 5 minutes and cost over $100
say what????
i'll do it myself next time ;)
dinner of choice
as quoted by her in a text to her auntie liss:
"when i turned 11, i realized that i have the strength that i didn't have before, and that is to be 11"
amen sista!!!!

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patty said...

belated happy bday to her, and, um... $8 here. sorry! you must visit TN, if only to get feathers!! :)