ogunquit beach on the 4th
poolside on the 5th
our summer continues to be pretty great
minus all the ear-wrenching sibling spats that make me
oh-SO-grateful to have a job to escape to ;)
every time i hear the girls scream 'ICE CREAM MAN'
i secretly hear eddie murphy and his ice cream man comedy routine
don't lie
you know what i'm talking about
ok, maybe you don't but that just means you're not a cool 80's chic ;)
 (and if you're a guy reading this well then you must be my dad)
and on the not-so-cool news of the day let me just say...
i know where my kids are at all times of the day
i know when they're sick,
i know what they're eating,
i make sure they have what they need,
i know if i'm not with them then they are with someone i trust,
i know if they've scraped their knee,
i know if they need bug spray,
i know that if they're eating all the way up to dinner time then what they're eating is considered part of their dinner.
i know who wants pink, green, blue,
i know when they're lying to me,
i know when they're sad,
i know when they've had an 'ah-haa' moment
i know that 98% of the time they lurvvve each other
and that the other 2% is reserved for a good debate.
i would most certainly know that if my kids were missing for more than 31 days
 that the person responsible for them missing
would be me.
may that sweet little caylee anthony rip.

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patty said...

love your "new" (sorry if it's beena while!) design... and love your photos and yes, may she rip.

great post, and i can't resist ending with :
wanna lick?! psych!