8 and a day late!

this beautiful girl turned 8 yesterday
she had big plans in place for this great day
a list made months in advance
t-bone steak for dinner
whipped potatoes
steamed broccoli with my special sauce
and in lieu of a cake
make your own sundaes

she got everything she wanted
a cool retro style bike
a huge ugly doll
a new ipod shell
lulu and the brontosaurus
a kite
a lava lamp
a beautifully written card from zoe
and so much more

 having sundaes on this hot night

 hopped in the car for an evening game of mini-golf
and it started to rain
so we went bowling instead

 i was pleasantly surprised by the re-do
of the snack bar
i was smitten

 her birthday wouldn't have been complete
if not spent with 
her best friend
they complete each other


dear ruby,
i hope you had wonderful day.
you have a way of looking at everyday things in a unique, magical way.
this gift of yours is one i can't wait to see evolve as you grow - to see what you do with this gift.
you take your time and enjoy being the kid you are.
i will be most proud of who you become because i know how you got there.
i love you ruby-doo!

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patty said...

belated happy birthday to her!