team up thurs...

welcome to team-up thurs!
this week the theme was 'close up'
funny both jenny and i captured our kids hands
quite by accident!
stella and i were outside enjoying the 65 degree weather yesterday...
i was reading and a pesky fly kept landing on my page...
mr. fly was my intended subject but the darn thing was SO
stella kept pretending she was mommy
taking pictures
so instead i took one of her taking one of me :)
you can tell she'd been digging in the dirt...
she is f.i.l.t.h.y!
head over to mental inventory to see the other diptychs!


Killlashandra said...

That is great you both captured hands in your shots. Looks like the hands are always in action too. :)

patty said...

i always love your photos... this one takes me to memories of my daughter! :)
and i love the very different images of boy and girl: all pink and purple and painted nails, and concrete, masculine stripes, and explosive stuff!great diptych!