day 62

i keep going back and forth whether to have a seperate post for 365
i'm not disciplined, clearly.
it's hard for me to commit
to just about anything
unless it's on my terms
so selfish of me
this i do know
i hate that i'm this way
it's something i've wanted to change about myself for a long time
i don't know how to even begin
i would give anything to be more laid back
i'd also like to change my need for perfection
while the end result may often be
getting there can be tedious, arduous, exhausting, depressing
what do i like about me?
well, let me think on that...

1 comment:

Bernice said...

What I love about you: your passion, your fierce devotion to your girls and family, your determination to make a good life for them (no matter how much it takes out of you personally)..... You are an amazing, strong, loving person and you should cut yourself some slack! With lots of love and admiration....