it's going to be that kind of a day
you know...
when the blue hair in front of you puts her right directional on but goes left
slows down at a green light and speeds up at the red
the dog poops in the family room
but it's hard so it's not SO bad
the bag of spinach you just bought spills all over the kitchen floor
you realize you didn't do one load of laundry yesterday and now there are ten
you find mud on your ceiling
yes, mud
you ask your husband what he'd like for dinner and he says 'whatever'
gee hun that was helpful...thanks
it's only a quarter over so i'm looking forward to all the other nonsense
i'm to expect today
it's 52 degrees and sunny so
i say


Jenny said...

she is a doll. and spinach came from the ground, so it is only fitting that that is where it ended up.

patty said...

sounds like a day i might have {had} ! :)

patty said...

ps: cute shots