project 365

i kept seeing all these posts about project 365
where you take one photo a day
for 365 days
well, i can't just take one!
but i can pull my camera out everyday
if i commit myself to it
and i want to!
i want to get better and better
perfectionist here!
so here are my shots for today
i cleaned up the playroom
and loved all the color
(even though it is one really BIG mess)
and stella wanted to paint
so i pulled them out
am i a bad mommy if anytime my kids want to do a messy project
i cringe?
i'll have you know those glorious colors are now one gigantic brown mess
i guess all the painting made her tired
because those are her stinky feet poking out to say hi


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

ooooh... me too.
i mean the 365 thing.
i am going for it. have taken one for the project once a day.
i am finding it hard though like you said to do just one. we're crazy!
i think though there will be days down the road... at least from what i have read... it gets harder. but we're ready right!
i was up until flipping 3am trying to get a gallery set up for it in squarespace... ugggh... think i am going to use flickr... MUCH easier! :)

hugs my friend!

oh... and i have been meaning to tell you... i love the "feel"... look... processing... you've been giving to your photos.
a neat style that lets me know it's one of your photos... i LOVE that!

Shannon said...

what a fantastic blog you have!!! love your photos. photography is a new love of mine. very, very new. but i'm slowly learning and saving up for a new camera. thanks for the inspiration. love the feet photo, especially. :)

Shannon said...

by the way, i just noticed the blog her button on your site. i'm really interested in learning more about it, and the conference. could you offer any thoughts? thanks! feel free to email me directly at livefreely@mac.com