so i'm at work last night
i see my phone 'blowing up'
and i quickly check
(good golly i hope you're not reading this edson ;)
i nearly drop the darn thing i was laughing so hard
i felt a wee sense of pride

i imagine there were some issues at the dinner table
last night while i was at work
my guess is zoe got sent to her room
and she felt compelled to write her dad an email

she is SO my girl

* i was granted permission from the author to post her correspondence

hi Daddy i love you. at dinner i was telling you to stop talking with your mouth open...sorry that i did that but you were being rude and when my friends ever come to our house to sleepover and you talk with your mouth open they might think that is Gross.

love zoe

Ok I understand but maybe u could b nicer when u tell me next time
love dad

OK I will be a little nicer. but if I be nicer you have to be a little more polite at the dinner table OK.

love zoe

can you believe a nine year old wrote this??


ShoozieShoes said...

Now that IS funny. You are allowed to use lol ;-)

A-M said...

Found you via Gina. This is priceless! A-M xx

bopbopdesigns said...

love it!