She came into this world on her own terms.
Overdue by almost a week.
I was scheduled to be induced on July 2nd.
That made me scared.
I'd be traveling from New Hampshire to Cambridge, MA to welcome this baby and my Dr. was worried about the 4th of July traffic.
So we made the plans to be there on the 2nd but Miss Ruby must have known I didn't want to be induced because she wanted to come on the 1st.
It was a Tuesday.
July 1, 2003.
Ruby Tuesday (like the song, not the restaurant:)
July's birthstone.
Total coincidence.
Quick labor.
Beautiful sunny day.
Room overlooking Harvard's crew team rowing down the Charles.
Two pushes.
Ruby came out sunny-side up.
Ready to be our daughter.
Our Ruby.
Full of laughter, spunk, sass and all the other super funky qualities that make her Ruby.
100% pure.
Happy Birthday little girl!

Daily Gratitudes
1. Ruby
2. Birthday cake and steaks on the grill
3. Our home
4. Family
5. Rain...oh scratch that...SICK of the RAIN!


Natasha said...

That's very cool that she was born on a Tuesday in July!! And on Canada Day. I forgot that. I have a daughter born on Independence Day. Too bad we can't swap them birthdays because it sure would be special to have fireworks on your birthday every year.

I forgot that you did Daily Gratitudes. I added you to the top of the list. :-)

Happy birthday, beautiful Ruby! Love you, Pam.

bopbopdesigns said...

Happy Birthday Ruby! A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

ShoozieShoes said...

Gorgeous girl! Happy birthday..

Jody said...

happy birthday to Ruby!
what a sweet post with sweet pictures!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Ruby!!! how do you spell cute?? R-U-B-Y!!! she is a doll!

Laura said...

ooh..I wanna make a cake for RUBY!!!

K said...

i stumbled upon your blog today after visiting "Smilin' Moon Studio"! Happy, Happy to gorgeous Ruby! I also have to share with you the song that was playing when your page opened up was "Angel" by DMB - seemed fitting for your sweet one's birthday! My girls are my little angels! Blessings to you on this very special day!