Business in the front...

Party in the back.
NEVER a good idea.
WHY dear Lord do people think it's OK to hurt my eyes like this???
Every.single. solitary time I see someone with this offensive hair-don't I throw up a little in my mouth...I kid you not.
I saw one today and it took all I had not to reach out and yank that nastiness hanging in the back. I imagined then that my super hero strengths (if I had them) would lift this guy out of his unlaced work boots and send him flying into the next town.
Geesh...so gross.
So 2000 and never:)
I digress.
I've been avoiding coming here because I'm OVERWHELMED!
I have so much to do.
So much I want to do.
Orders to fill.
Keep the girls entertained.
Get ready for our ten day trip to Colorado.
It's been raining so much that my whole house smells like the 'old people' (and when I say 'the old people' I mean the previous owners of this house...and that just makes my skin crawl.)
I've been craving chocolate like you wouldn't believe and I DON'T have any!!!
HUH? Me? No chocolate?? Yep.
I will definitely be making some homemade chocolate pudding in the a.m.
I need to go to bed...just started a new book and can't wait to really dive in. I'm reading We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver...any of you read i

Daily Gratitudes
1. sunshine
2. finished one out of four orders this afternoon
3. artstream

4. laughter
5. hope


gina said...

A 10-day trip - good luck girl!! Nobody but fellow moms understand just how much work and energy that is. 10 days is never just 10 days... days of preparation before you leave, laundry, packing... then come home and add on a few more to unpack, re-launder, try to get back to normal. It will be August!! But Colorado!! Sisters yes??? So worth all the effort!! Have fun.

Laura said...

No, never read it. But I am reading a fantastic story called IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE. I highly suggest that you pick that one up. A real page turner.

K said...

love this post - HILARIOUS!!! so 2000 and NEVER!! Hope you had your pudding this morning and get all those things done you need to get done! :)