clowning around...

dogs:  have been bolting every time they see a squirrel...for the second day in a row they broke free from me when i was walking them and they were gone for a good hour.  when they finally showed up they smelled horrific!  i tried to get the bad boys into the tub to no avail.  they've been on lock-down since.  dad will have to wash them when he gets home (he'll be psyched).  despite my best efforts my house smells like a barn.
ruby:  i got home a little early from work last night and was able to see the girls before they went to sleep.       ruby said : 'mom, the kids asked me why i had to stay back in second grade' me: 'yeah?  what did you tell them?'  ruby:  'that my mom said it was the perfect place for me'  me:  'that's a great answer ruby!  do you feel like it's the perfect place for you?'  ruby:  'yes but can i skip third grade' :)


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patty said...

it's so lovely here.