well hello there!

a week gone by
no posts
no phone calls
nose to the grindstone.
the girls had yoga camp which was 45 minutes away but only 3.5hrs long
so i spent my mornings driving to and fro and back again in the afternoon
it was tough but totally worth it.
stella was a trooper and was treated to lots of baked goods :)
august is now here
the summer halfway over
we've eaten lots of corn,
been to the beach,
teased some bats,
became ice cream connoisseurs,
read some good books,
picked strawberries,
and more.
got a puppy
(who is driving us mad),
enjoyed our friends,
brushed up on some schoolwork,
did lots of crafts,
saw lots of movies,
camped out in the playroom,
blew bubbles,
stared at the stars,
saw many a sunset...
what's left?
head over to my other blog to see some fun pix!

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patty said...

i've been waiting on you... :) love your photo and sounds like a fun summer. we are coming down the fourth baseline, headed to the end of summer. school starts friday. as a northerner, i still cannot get used to that. sigh. "other blog"? really?? :) can't wait...