random, smandom....

clearly loads of catching up to do beginning with field day
at the girls school

it was hot out
but everyone was happy

just a little healthy competition
where everyone had f.u.n.

watching these two cracked me up

ruby doing her thang'

a few days later we took our first trip of what will be many to
butternut farms
one of my most favorite places to go,
we picked 18lbs of strawberries!!!!

ruby's a born farmer

the man of the bunch treating the girls to a lil' ride ;)

later that same day we got a furious storm
stella was scared
but intent on watching the 'show'


and happily took part in a lil' old fashioned puddle jumping.

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patty said...

as always, sweet, sweet photos... my favs are of the rain and puddles. hm. wonder what that says about me? ;o