stella was invited a friends birthday party today...it was at a country club. we happily obliged.
the water was uber cold and not meant for mommies. i didn't even bother wearing my suit. i had zero intention of getting wet, there for why bother with the spandex. kwim? luckily my girl wasn't a huge fan of the water and only got as far as her knees. she opted instead to play with her friend kate who she has declared her 'bff'. love hearing that from a four year olds mouth. adorable. sweetly enough miss kate will be in stella's class again next year...phewww!

they had loads to talk about. in between the chatter a few games of 'patty-cake' were played. they marked it with an X and put in the oven for you and me ;)

they look deep in gossipy conversation. i can just picture this exact shot ten years from now. stella pickin' a wedge, smacking her gum, looking over her shoulder at ryan...making sure he's noticing her cuteness. it's SO going to happen.

and off they go. to get cake. because when you're four, going to get cake while holding your best friends hand is all that really matters. especially when the said cake is pink.

peace out.

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patty said...

so stinkin' precious!! :)