goodnight molly...

it's time.
our sweet, beautiful, brindle english mastiff
must go off to play with sam, megs, juba...
she was our first 'kid'.
our $2100 dog.
the dog that i financed :O
the dog that had health insurance when we didn't.
the dog whose slobber defied the laws of gravity time and time again.
the dog that had a different bark for different occasions.
the dog that protected us,
made us feel safe,
she will be leaving us at 5:30 tonight
so when that sun sets
just over those hills,
think of her running free
send her off with loads of blessings.
she will be missed beyond measure...
she was some dog.

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patty said...

oh, pam. i've missed a lot. it's been so hectic. i'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet pooch. what a photo. and a beautiful tribute- there's nothing like the love of a pet. (xoxo)