my baby is four.
she is the baby that calmed me (no easy task).
she is the baby that made me slow down (i know everything i do is fast!)
she is the baby who is now a big girl...
who informed me this morning that 'all that baby stuff has got.to.GO!'
i don't want any of my babies to grow up...
but watching them do so is amazing and i am proud.
proud of who they are and how tender their hearts are.
happy birthday sweet stella.

tremendous spirit.
enormous heart.
laughs a ton.


gina said...

What a darling post for your sweet girl. The pizza photo is amazing! I wish I lived near you so I could hire you to come photograph my children.

Congratulations on your baby news. Hope you are feeling well and dealing well with the surprise of it all. I had just given away all our baby stuff last summer - I was DONE. And pretty happy about it - and of course in September discovered I was expecting our 4th. It took awhile - roller coaster of mixed feelings, followed by guilt for the mixed feelings... then overwhelming feelings of inadequacy-- feeling like 'what am I doing having a 4th when I can barely do 3?' And not very well, mind you. It has been emotional and I've had to really shift gears with my thinking and the things I was ready to do with my now 3-year old nearing preschool - things that will have to be postponed another 3+ years. What I'm trying to say is -- I can understand some of what you are going through. I've felt one of the big messages to me from God through my adult life - ups and downs, dreams not realized, expectations unmet - is HIS message to me is I'm not in control and I should stop trying to be - and let HIM lead the way - which isn't easy. It is scary to not be in control. I hate it and it isn't my personality to let go. Especially when finances, marriage, circumstances, health - all things that are so difficult to "control" - hard and scary to just let go. I'm sure I will struggle with this my entire life but hopefully am making some progress little by little. I can say between last September and last Monday when I had my beautiful baby Jack... my feelings and attitude have evolved. It did get easier with each month - and now I can't imagine our family complete without him.

Please keep writing about how you are doing. I wish you all the best and happiness.

patty said...

she is adorable! she looks so full of joy. you should be proud!

bopbopdesigns said...

She's beautiful! Happy 4th Stella!