full circle....

i would love to replay the moments of last night over and over again.
the minutes as we wait patiently for our oldest to graduate from this school we've loved so much -
rgs is truly a special place.
i brought a box of tissues 
expecting that as the slideshow played i'd tear up watching how much our babies have grown -
thankfully it was alphabetical so by the 'd's' i had used up my tears.
mrs. lucas takes the stage and begins the ceremony
with twelve specially chosen awards to be presented.
i get comfortable and admire my daughter,  proud of who she has become.
the first award is for 'most improved' and i hear zoe's name called
yes, i'm proud but really didn't think much of it.
then i hear her name called again
 a character award where she was chosen by her classroom peers - wow!
again, 'excellence in music'- i'm thinking to myself, really?  who knew?
then comes the principal's award
i hear her name again and see
zoe walk onto the stage
 my eyes begin to water
as quoted from courage, a book presented to her 
there is a term i use to describe you, 'old soul'.  you have the kindness, wisdom, intelligence, and compassion of a wise woman rocking in her chair.  i know your future is bright.  i know i will cross paths with you again.  mrs. lucas"
i am beaming with pride
lastly i hear my girls name called once again 
this time for an award that shows just what her moral compass is

 i look over at craig and he too has tears in his eyes
it's at this defining moment 
when all our self doubts as parents are washed away
we look at each other and know that for all the things we do wrong in our lives
the bad decisions that have caused us to struggle
that the one thing we are doing right
is the most important thing
and that's raising our children 
 with the strongest of convictions, morals and values
that our goodness as people 
and always doing what's right 
truly does come full circle
as attested to by our daughter who has made us so very, very proud.


Breanna said...

Wow, you certainly should be proud parents!!! I must admit, I teared up reading your post. I'm so proud of Zoe...and beaming for the wonderful parents who have raised her :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Zoe,

I am SO proud of you. You inspire those around you to be better people- you inspire ME to be better. Having an "old soul" isn't always easy but it is certainly a gift.

I love you sweetie,