last days of summahhhh....

we're soaking up the last days of summer
pretty soon the frogs and toads will say sayonara until next year
this poor guy endured quite the manhandling yesterday
he was the biggest one caught so far 
miss ruby just didn't want to let him go
don't worry
we did!
frog expressions from left to right:
1.  aaaaaaaahhhhhh.  get me outta here!
2.  now i'm getting pissed (you see the scrunch in his eyes too don't you?)
3.  this is it?  this is my life?  don't i get a last supper?  (he's frowning, poor guy)

we went to a fabulous wedding last night...
photos tomorrow!

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Rumour Miller said...

Last days of summer, indeed.

That frog does look like he is protesting!

Found you on Blogher.