why hello there!

things clear to me
a list because i love lists:
  1. one thing is at least consistently consistent...i've been completely inconsistent with just about everything.
  2. putting unnecessary pressure on myself to do any ONE thing everyday is just.too.much
  3. hence project 365...i made it what two weeks?  lol
  4. my life is pretty crazy so why not throw another puppy into the mix...make it extra special
  5. wanting the said second puppy is definitely my inner self trying to fill a sad void i've felt over the past year
  6. his name is bruno and expected home any minute now.
  7. my girls are on vacation and have a combined three projects due for school...i am completely irritated by this!!!!  wtf!  it took ME three hours to finish a stinkin' music report today ;)
  8. i need to change the look of my blog...it's time.
  9. maybe then i'll feel like coming over here!
  10. i'm making manhattan clam chowder for my dad tomorrow...hope it's good!
  11. last night i was THRILLED to be at work to escape the trapped feeling you get when your kids are sick.  it's been a week now and poor ruby still has a fever.
  12. i highly recommend this children's book ...
  13. i hate that my kids have to grow up...makes me sad yet proud at the same time.
  14. i miss my sisters and wish they lived next door.
  15. i really love my job...all of them.
  16. i got this and can't believe with the amount of baking i do it's taken me so long!
  17. i've been on a marsala bend lately....in cooking that is!
  18. i'm dying to eat mistral's tuna tartare...
  19. one of these days i'm going to break out the sewing machine again...too much construction going on in our house right now :(
  20.  i promised my mom i'd update with pictures more often...that promise i can keep.
night night...gonna go wait by the window for the arrival of our new son!

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