ruby my sprite...

oh ruby.
my sweet,
piece of artwork.

you are seven today
and i love you seven x infinity.
you never cease to amaze me with your creativity
and your willingness to be YOU.
you embrace your originality
and never fall into the crowd.
you are who you are and i LOVE that about you.
you make no apologies for doing things your OWN way,
in your OWN time.
the gray hairs on my head...they're all for YOU!
but that's ok
because they're from you my doll.

you are a great friend and even better sister

everyone wants some 'ruby'

it's been predicted that you'll be the one
with the piercings and tattoos
my punky ruby
i so heart you

you make us laugh

you are sensitive

you are an amazing artist

your artwork brightens my day

we love you so much ruby-doo

happy birthday my sweet girl!

ruby lydia
est. 2003

1 comment:

patty said...

sweet, beautiful girl... happy birthday to her!