As you get older you tend to want to forget your birthday.
At least I do.
I like to celebrate my kids birthdays and that's about it.
Even those make me sad though.
I'll be cough.choke.hack....39 on Sunday :O
It makes me happy when people tell me I look like I'm in my 20's.
So keep telling me peeps cause that's how I feel.
So, I'm going to ignore that frightening number up there involving the 3 and the 9 and go on about my day.


Anonymous said...

If it's at all an encouragement, cousin, heading on to 44 just a few days after your day, I can tell you that feeling like you're in your 20s, albeit a wiser 20-something hopefully, never runs out. Looking down the road, that must make for some shocking moments when looking in the mirror. :-) Hope you have a great day Sunday.


i love plum said...

sweet stef...thanks :) xoxoxo

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

little stella.... awe big hugs... i hope she is better fast!
looks like a movie... cuddle weekend!

there is NO way you're going ot be 39!
for real? really?
what is your secret... tell... i need the tips!

i just hope you get to celebrate on YOUR day!
flu... you shoo!

jody said...

You look just as young as you feel! If it makes you feel better, my 39th year has been the best of the decade!

Hope that flu heads out quickly...

Take care, sweet Pam!

ShoozieShoes said...

Happy Birthday!! You do look fabulous, whatever the numbers ;-)

gina said...

Have a Happy Birthday Sunday!!

Priscila said...

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